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Should They be Saved??

Brandy was pulled from a county shelter and was exposed to Parvo during transport. Her exposure to this highly contagious disease required isolation of all the dogs in her foster home for four weeks. She did not become infected with Parvo but was treated for Kennel Cough.

Claire was pulled from a county shelter. She had pnuemonia and was on antibiotics for two months.

Bear was pulled from a county shelter. Due to a genetic condition he had lost much of his sight and will eventually become blind. He also has a seizure disorder which is controlled by low-cost medication.

Bella was also pulled from a county shelter. She had a huge mammory gland tumor which required extensive surgery. She also had several infected teeth removed.

Sweetpea was rescued from a 'rescue'. She had a significant parasite load. She also had her spleen removed and was treated for Babesiosis Gibsoni.

Gretchen was rescued from a 'rescue'. She was treated for heartworm, mastitis, skin and uterine infections.

Max was also rescued from a 'rescue'. He has a deformed hind leg due to an untreated fracture.

Gabe is an owner surrender. He was severely abused by his owners for three years.

Lea was found abandoned, emaciated and dehydrated. She also had Demodex mange.

Ten puppies were pulled from a county shelter when they were only three weeks old (their mother was not at the shelter). They required around the clock care and bottle feedings.

These are just some of the special needs dogs we've helped. With the exceptions of Sweetpea and Gabe, all of them have found lifelong, loving homes.

In addition to treating life threatening illnesses we also had the typical expenses of vaccines, dewormings and spay/neuter surgeries.

I'm not writing this to get a pat on the back. Knowing that these dogs are healthy and happy is reward enough. The expenses on these dogs greatly exceeded their adoption fees. Even though many of the vet bills were covered with my personal funds there have been many people, and even other rescues, that continue to tell us that what we did - and will continue to do -  is wrong. In their opinion, we should have either a) not taken in these dogs or b) euthanized all of them since they had or have special needs. They believe that the funds spent on these 'defective' dogs should have been used to save the healthy, easy to adopt dogs. In other words they believe we should only save the dogs whose adoption fees will cover their expenses and leave a little left over for 'administrative costs'.

It gets discouraging when someone tells me that a dog I've put my heart and soul into rehabbing and retraining should have been left to die. Our special needs dogs have gone on to enrich the lives of those who adopted them. Isn't that exactly what rescue is about?

To the various vets and animal control officers I've spoken to - KNOCK IT OFF. I will never ask for your opinion about how Animal Advocates of Michigan should spend funds or which dogs the funds should be spent on. So please stop giving your unsolicited opinions. Our Board of Directors includes three individuals - an Accountant; a business management guru who holds a PhD and is a published author; and one who built the first nationally recognized Thoroughbred racehorse rescue and who is also a published author. We really are able to make decisions on our own.